Tuesday, June 16, 2009

NEW: Top 100 of the Decade

It’s that time again -- time for yet another LIST. This is a big one, though, one that will inspire many a discussion and many an outrage: It’s She Hate Me’s Top 100 songs of the decade. We know it’s June of 2009 and we do realize that the decade is still only 95% complete. And that’s exactly the point: we will be posting our countdown periodically (when we get to it) as the year counts down. That’s right, in the midst of beautiful summer days spent frolicking on sandy beaches, we will be reminding you that a yule log, 18 degree nights and a dark bar are right around the bend.

First post is TOMORROW. Get your pants on and be ready.


1) No covers, unless those covers are so damn good and so decade-defining that they cannot be ignored. I’m thinking that “I Found a Reason” by Cat Power might be the only one to qualify, but I’ve yet to decide on this. So, in general, there will be no covers.

2) These are not the most culturally relevant songs of the decade, or the decade’s biggest hits, per se. It’s one man’s list of the best songs, songs that define the decade for me. Some songs define it more than other, some songs are just good songs. It’s pretty open here.

3) One song per artist. If an artist has a bunch of great songs that could easily have been included, I’ll give them a shout out and list them in the column.

4) Pay attention to the ranking or don’t pay attention to the rankings, it doesn’t really matter. To some extent, my favorite, decade-defining songs will be in the top 20 or so, but the reality is that all of these songs are good for different reasons. These aren’t sports teams, this isn’t a competition. The Beatles and The Stone are both great and I like both of them for different reasons. So you can haggle with me over the rankings, but don’t expect me top defend myself very much.

5) This is a hard list to compile. I am sure I am going to miss something, but I am also sure that you don’t really care.

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