Thursday, May 21, 2009

Most Awesome-est: Greg Dulli

He Hate Me is down with madmen. 

Greg Dulli’s run of great albums started in 1992 with The Afghan Whigs’ “Gentleman” and went all the way through to The Twilight Singers’ last LP “Powder Burns”.  It’s a pretty freakin’ ball-crushingly great six record stretch that only came to an end last year with the Gutter Twins LP that was still pretty freakin good, but not consistent enough.  He’s apparently abandoned the Class A substances, so if you see him live you will luckily you be spared him talking shit about your girlfriend and walking you through the gruesome scene of Elliott Smith’s death (yes, he did this), but you will not be spared Awesomeness.

You will recall that 'My Time Has Come' was named as one of our Randomly Awesome Songs of the Week, and thus, we have reached a nexus of awesome at this point in our postings. Sample the fantastic nihilism of this, Lebowski. 

Just remember: everyone needs a little GUTTER in their life. Get some.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

National Day of Slayer

Fuck yeah. This is a great website, and I want to throw the full weight of this blog and all three of its readers behind the National Day of Slayer on June 6th. Always up for jumping on the bandwagon, we wholeheartedly endorse a day of deathmetal for the populace, and we feel that if we don't, our lives and the lives of our pets may be in imminent danger. 

Perhaps getting behind something like this will give us a little more street cred with the kids blasting the Slayer down at McDonald's, and maybe they won't throw those milkshakes on our windshields like they did in high school while giving kids and Moms the finger. It is more than likely we work for those kids now somehow. Goddammit. 

There is now Slayer on my iPod, and somehow I feel like things have come full circle, and somehow, this is bad news for my neighbors. As always, they can eat shit, and I will let them know this again on June 6th. 

Reign in blood,

Death and Taxis

We're back, kids. The computer is out of the shop and sanity has returned to our happy home. Check this out. It's a video of 'Little Bribes', one of the songs from Death Cab for Cutie's new EP. The EP is worthy, as is the video. I dig this. It's an unofficial video made by some cat who is unemployed, hopefully not for long. More tomorrow. Most Awesome-est to follow. Awesome.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

All Apologies

My computer is going into the shop for a few days of repairs. This makes me sad, but if you are a reader, it undoubtedly makes you much, much sadder. So we are all sad. If you think I am going to go to some Internet cafe just to post about music on here, you better get your ass together. I'll be back when the Mac is back. Be back soon. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Randomly Awesome Song of the Week: John Prine, 'Lake Marie'

For people who aren't down with most of the shit on NPR, maybe you will not like this. It's sort of a musical version of some Garrison Keillor story, about some lake, a broken marriage, murder and two white girls adopted by Indians. What it's all about, I have no idea. But I dig the song, and the first time I heard it was on WFUV about ten years ago, which brings us full circle in the public radio sphere. 

If you're not with John Prine, you should get there. It's a good song to play if you are grilling something, or drinking something, or trying to have a conversation and not be sung over. Which is all the time for me, only I do not grill. It may feature one of the longest sustained harmonica solos I have heard since it was released, and I know for a FACT that our friend Ted likes it, and he kills what he eats and layers properly. 


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Thermals: Loud and Nerdy

I have been such a complete shithead lately that I have been entirely negligent in my reviews. Also, my loathing for Brandon 'Poopypantz' Flowers has been keeping me up at night, so late that my insults have become seriously juvenile. They will continue down this path, I assure you. 

With that, we present a few bands that are somewhat less popular than The Killers but ultimately shitloads more deserving and less pretentious. As far as I know, none of the bands below wear anything like the French Revolutionary douche-wear you will find on the likes of Coldplay, the Killers and ... French revolutionaries. 


These kids' parents clearly did not tell them to 'Turn that fucking guitar down!' quite enough when they were young. 'When I Died' has become one of my favorite songs of the year, and tell me you don't hear Hutch Harris yelling 'Yeah, so I could swim' in your head the following day. The noise they put out is sonically impressive and you get the feeling these guys would be that group of people that come to one of your friends' houses one weekend, the group of of guys you don't know that well, but who with one look you can tell they are going to keep everyone up all goddamn weekend. 

And you like them. These guys have balls, and with a glance towards iTunes, I see they have impressed me enough to earn no fewer than four five-star songs. Check out the first single and die.

Since I'm so fucking helpful and I have an unfailing belief that your fingers are all broken and you don't know how to Google, find them here: