Monday, August 10, 2009

93. 'Breaking The Ice', Mojave 3 2006

“I know you wanna get away,
I know nothing ever stays the same
Jenny, I've been thinking things over
You said, “thinking never got you far.”
The bottle gets you further
So come stand a little closer now”

A week or two after one of our good friends died, we went to see Mojave 3 thinking it’d be good to get out and feel normal again. This was not really the best idea. Mojave 3 is not really the band you see to make you feel good about yourself, though it did yield the awesome “this sounds like Roger Waters!” quote from our friend as Neil Halstead and co launched into one of the quietest songs of the evening. At this same show I found myself next to Halstead in the bathroom and inexplicably asked him what his favorite Nick Drake album was. Nice. (It was “Bryter Layter”).

Breaking The Ice” follows the Mojave 3 template to a tee, except that it brings a little more rocking into their world, which is much appreciated. I really like all of Mojave 3’s albums and I think they have a bunch of songs that could have been included in this list, but this album was probably the most surprising and refreshing of everything they did, as they broke the mold a little bit, while still maintaining their signature sound. Mojave 3 is not full of frills, they don’t reinvent music in any way, but if you like Halstead’s voice, his songs are all winners.

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