Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rolling Stone 2008 Top 50 ... has got to be kidding me!

Check this out. Rolling Stone: Are these guys even pretending at being serious any more? Ever get the feeling they have people working for them who are like your friend's dad who tries to be cool by throwing out random references to youth culture that he is supposedly into, only you know there's just no goddamn way he really is? 

It's not easy to pick a top 50 of anything. I'm doing it for my 2008 list now. But some of this is a joke. I dug Rolling Stone when I was a kid (pretty sure I was a subscriber age 6-12) rediscovering all of the bands my old man always liked, the classic rockers I needn't list, and then one day when I was teenager I was reading it and realized they had no clue what was really going on any more. They were totally detached from musical and political reality and they sort of became irrelevant to me. 

For some reason lately without having read it I thought they had gotten back on the horse, but some of the selection below seems to invalidate that thought completely. 

Mellencamp? Top 5? Who knew? Who knew he had an album out? Who knew he had any credibility after those incredibly annoying 'This Is Our Country' ads? 

Coldplay? I don't need to go further here.

Guns n Roses' Chinese Democracy as #12? Did you listen to it? You didn't, right? Nah, I knew you didn't. Enjoy that Dr. Pepper, though.

Duffy? (Duffy!)

Taylor Swift? The album is 'Fearless' and they write 'She should have called it Peerless'. Newsflash to corduroy sport jacket wearing record reviewer guy: She will never bang you. Ever. So just tell the truth.

Jonas Brothers? I mean, this is just INFURIATING. Who has input into this? This has to be an inside joke, correct? Please tell me this is so. 

Here's my point: If you're a reviewer, and by that I mean anyone from the guy on the next barstool to a writer for RS, when you recommend something, it should be one or both of the following: 

1) something you would be willing to put on at a party with all of your friends over,


2) something you would seriously listen to at home just hanging out. 


You cannot. 

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Anonymous said...

Your first problem is reading Rolling Stone.