Monday, November 16, 2009

78. “Pounding” by Doves (2002)

When I re-listened to this song, it made me realize that putting it on this list also allows me to not have consider any Oasis and Coldplay songs, because this song does that post-britpop sound better than any of them.

I love the way this one just bursts out of your speakers with the, ehem, pounding drums and chiming guitars. Within 45 seconds of this song you are rocking to the groove. Doves put on a roof-raising live show that everyone should see at some point and this and “There Goes The Fear”, “Words” and “Pounding” are the centerpieces to those shows. This is an excellent band that has been somewhat underrated and the sum of their best singles is up there with many of the best bands of this decade. Check it out for yourself.

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