Wednesday, November 4, 2009

81. “Ibi Dreams of Pavement” by Broken Social Scene (2005)

If it sounds like there are a bunch of people playing drums and guitar on this song, it’s because there are. Or at least there were when I saw them blow this out at Webster Hall in 2006. This band or, more accurately, this collection of Canadian musicians (including Feist, members of Memphis, Metric, Stars and Apostle of Hustle) seems to be the vision of Kevin Drew, and as other members of this collection started to branch out / gain bigger success, Wu Tang style, Drew started to release records that defined that fact. But before that happened, they released some excellent records as Broken Social Scene that seemed to take Drew’s ideas and use these collaborations to get an eclectic bunch of sounds. On top of that, the twenty-or-so musicians that make up BSS put on a whale of a live show, creating something of an indie rock orchestra.

The You Forgot It in People LP was definitely their high point, but this song, to me, is their best individual single, with the muscular percussion and symphonic guitars and over abundance of horns. Put this noise on your home stereo on a Saturday afternoon and turn it up, you’ll see.

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