Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Randomly Awesome Song of the Week: John Prine, 'Lake Marie'

For people who aren't down with most of the shit on NPR, maybe you will not like this. It's sort of a musical version of some Garrison Keillor story, about some lake, a broken marriage, murder and two white girls adopted by Indians. What it's all about, I have no idea. But I dig the song, and the first time I heard it was on WFUV about ten years ago, which brings us full circle in the public radio sphere. 

If you're not with John Prine, you should get there. It's a good song to play if you are grilling something, or drinking something, or trying to have a conversation and not be sung over. Which is all the time for me, only I do not grill. It may feature one of the longest sustained harmonica solos I have heard since it was released, and I know for a FACT that our friend Ted likes it, and he kills what he eats and layers properly. 


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