Thursday, May 21, 2009

Most Awesome-est: Greg Dulli

He Hate Me is down with madmen. 

Greg Dulli’s run of great albums started in 1992 with The Afghan Whigs’ “Gentleman” and went all the way through to The Twilight Singers’ last LP “Powder Burns”.  It’s a pretty freakin’ ball-crushingly great six record stretch that only came to an end last year with the Gutter Twins LP that was still pretty freakin good, but not consistent enough.  He’s apparently abandoned the Class A substances, so if you see him live you will luckily you be spared him talking shit about your girlfriend and walking you through the gruesome scene of Elliott Smith’s death (yes, he did this), but you will not be spared Awesomeness.

You will recall that 'My Time Has Come' was named as one of our Randomly Awesome Songs of the Week, and thus, we have reached a nexus of awesome at this point in our postings. Sample the fantastic nihilism of this, Lebowski. 

Just remember: everyone needs a little GUTTER in their life. Get some.

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