Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Most Awesomest: Eddie Money

Our friends in the liberal media inform us that Eduardo Dinero is one the coolest, most down to Earth guys out there.  He’s a guy you can have a beer or ten with – no pretention, just awesomeness.  Consider the following facts: (1) he likes “that new band, The Killahs” (2) he is 100% down with judging hot wing eating contests (“Hell yeah, man, I love chicken wings!!”) (3) Detroit, circa 1991 - he put on one of the best rock concerts ever.  How, you ask?  $5.00 to get in, $1.00 budweisers = two muhfuckin' tickets to paradise; (4) Consider the following dichotomy:  guy is a former New York City cop AND a recovering drug addict; (5) his birth name is Eddie Mahoney.  Can you see the thought process here?  “Hey man, I am opening up for Three Doors Down at the Westbury Music Fair tomorrow and I need a stage name.  Why don’t I just call myself Eddie MONEY!”  

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