Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kanye Out Of His Mind

We like-a da crazy! Again, for no particular reason, I really enjoy video of people who are completely out of their minds. Here we see Kanye West's occasional detachment from reality laid bare in yet another installment of craziness.

I have a theory about this kind of thing. I respect two kinds of people who get famous: 

1) People who get famous and basically stay friends with their same friends and are grounded and basically enjoy the awesome parts of being famous like the money and the sex but seem like they'd be pretty great to hang around with regardless;

2) People who get famous and go full-hog fucking crazy. I mean crazy to the point where any friends they had the day before they blew up would claim not to be able to recognize a single piece of their behavior. 

The following people would fall into the first category: George Clooney, Bill Simmons, Chuck Klostermann, Bruce Springsteen. You get the idea. 

The following people would fall into the second category: Tom Cruise, Phil Spector, Axl Rose, Hunter S. Thompson, Willy Wonka, and yes, Kanye West.

Well done, Senor West. You're nutz. 

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