Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lars Ulrich of Metallica: What a HUGE Prick!!!

Can you believe this fucking asshole? What a fucking asshole! Read this article. I hate this pompous, fan-hating prickbird. He turns in his own people, like the dime-store stool pigeon that he is. This man actually went to The Man and turned in his fans, personally turning over a box of information on those who had downloaded his music on Napster into the cops. 

Reasonable people can argue about stealing music, and let's be honest, it is stealing. Someone made something, you didn't pay for it, you stole it. But fuck this guy. It might be different if every interview I have ever seen with him wasn't somehow some huge mastubatory whack-fest of gigantic proportions. 

Even more annoying is picturing him sitting around with a half a dozen friends 'enjoying a bottle of wine', in their elbow-patched smoking jackets and downloading music from the Internet for the first time. What an out of touch, million-dollar douche. Lars Ulrich loves the smell of his own shit and is loathsome and smells like shit. 

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Judderman said...

haha I totally agree! What an utter twuntage.