Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Randomly Awesome Song of the Week: 'Gimme Back My Dog', Slobberbone

If you like rock and roll and America and freedom, you probably would have liked Slobberbone. They're defunct now (totally resisted the urge to type 'de-funked' there) but they live on in the form of The Drams. 'Gimme Back My Dog' came off of the awesomely titled 'Everything You Thought Was Right Was Wrong Today', a title which likely blew the minds of many of their drunker fans. It did for me.

This band was flat out drunk and fun, we saw them play NYC about three times, the first being a complete accident. We stuck around because they were drinking beers and so were we, and this common bond seemed a reasonable reason to give them the benefit of the doubt. The first thing I remember as that their bassist looked like Neil from The Young Ones (see picture) and when they hit their first big thunderous guitar-and-bass-and-drums type crescendo, he began making devil horn signs with his hands and rocking out. I think he also hit his head on the ceiling at one point. 

We proceeded to see them every other time they came to town, at some point I bought a t-shirt at one of their shows which featured a bottle of whiskey with wings on it and 'Booze' written under that. All class. They were the kind of band where you could go every time and enjoy them just like the last time because the exact same number of people were there, they didn't take off and get all popular, which is better for me than it is for them.

They said about 50 nonsensical things from the stage, at one point forgetting the name of their hometown: Denton, Texas. Fuck yeah, that's my kind of band. Also, give the guy his fucking dog back, already.

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