Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Worth Knowing

Not a bad time for releases, and it's been a good year so far. This week brings us The Thermals, a new live album from The Hold Steady, and The Felice Brothers. Recent awesomeness includes the Death Cab for Cutie EP, and my February and March playlists were rounded out in fantastic fashion by the War Child and Dark Was The Night compilations. 

As always, major boos to Grizzly Bear and Animal Collective, although She Hate Me will disagree with me about one of those. I heard GB has not sold out their NYC shows, so I take this as a sign that the entire city is behind my campaign for them to refund the $9.99 they owe me. Take note, Grizzly Bear!

In other news, the new iTunes pricing plan where in demand tunes from Top 40 artistes (the extra 'e' means they wear tutus and prance about their homes with the curtains open, not that there's anything wrong with that) go for $1.29 a song instead of 99 cents should be taken to its logical conclusion. By that I mean that some of the bands that I listen to that are clearly NOT in demand by much of anyone and could barely move 10,000 copies as opposed to 1 million should be discounted to say, oh I don't know ... 49 cents ... and a largely portion of the cash given to the band itself. No? I think so. 

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