Sunday, July 26, 2009

94. “It Was Supposed To Be So Easy” by The Streets (2004)

“So I failed on the DVD, but I still had to get the money
Tell mum I couldn't make tea, get the savings and then hurry.
Rushing to the cash machine, still a bit mashed and lean
Then of course a mandatory car, drives by and splashes me.
Get there, the queue's outrageous, ladies taking ages
My rage is blowing gauges, how long’s it take to validate your wages?
At last my turn comes, press the 50 quid button,
Insufficient funds”

Last year, I commented elsewhere that I love Bobby Dylan’s “One Too Many Mornings” because he takes you through a fleeting feeling -- something that came to him as a result of looking out the window, a 20 second portion of his day -- and relates how that feeling might last a life time. It’s what makes Dylan so brilliant.

Mike Skinner of The Streets does basically the opposite with this song – he demonstrates the life of a stoner / slacker / everyman bloke by taking you through a meaningless tale of his inability to do his daily chores and cancel a tea date with his mum. It’s not meant to be terribly profound, but it’s a really cool work of art. Skinner is the master of coupling his seemingly absurd thoughts and phrases with catchy beats to make little films of his amusing little world.

“I Was Supposed To Be So Easy” has an almost trippy psychedelic feel to it, but not in any traditional sense. The beats don’t put you in a trance, there are no wacky Hendrix guitars here, but the opening intro and the last outro is pretty damn inventive.

Some people love his earlier songs like “Geezers Need Excitement”, but this song always stood out to me as an incredibly unique marriage of hip hop and British bloke rock. Like Blur’s “Parklife” mixed with Danger Doom. It’s funny, inventive, unique, catchy and great to listen to.

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