Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Live Review: Mystic Valley Band, July 4th, Battery Park, NYC

There's a new guest columnist in town, he goes by the name of Bucky and this is his first contribution. I know, it's a ridiculous fucking name. Here it is:

Excellent show. Jenny Lewis came out on stage wearing an American Flag. Her voice is so good live. Every time I have seen her voice is just as good, if not better than on her records. Does she ever lose her voice? Her band was tight, rocking and fun. She did a cover of Chicago’s “Saturday in the Park (feels like the 4th of July)” which was so cool and appropriate. She also invited Conor Oberst and a few others on stage for a version of “Handle Me with Care”.

Oberst and the MVB were great. The setlist was perfect. I got to hear every song by them that I wanted to. Each member got to sing their respective song from the new album which broke up the set nicely. That ‘Air Mattress’ song is fun live, they noted that this was the first time they played the song during the day. Conor was in a funny mood, making jokes about the Statue of Liberty: “Hey what’s that huge statue out there, it’s really pretty”. Wishing everyone to have a Happy 4th and to get “fucking festive!”. The one member from Alabama just kept on talking about how overwhelming it is to be in a huge city like NY. They didn’t play any covers but that is okay since they played many songs. They ended the show with Roosevelt Room which was appropriate for the day. That Hospital song got the whole park dancing.

General notes Battery Park: was a great place to see a show. Statue of Liberty in the background with boats constantly driving by. No beer but that was OK as people seemed to be smuggling in bottles pretty easily. The park was packed with lots of families and lots of children. The park was also filled with lots of random older people that must just go around to all of the free shows. There were also tourists in there that I guess just wanted to see what was going on. It was a great way to spend the 4th.

One other note, I was telling my wife about how Conor Oberst is on Merge now etc. She had not known that. She asked if the Saddle Creek gang was angry with him etc. When Oberst was introducing the band he referred to Nate Walcott as his best friend and the only person in the world that he trusts. He went on to say that over the past couple of years he has burned lots of bridges and lost many friends and that Nate is the only person that ever stood by him. Molly turned to me and said, “Well, that answers that question.”

Here are the setlists:

Jenny Lewis - 4th of July, 2009 - setlist

Saturday In The Park

See Fernando

The Charging Sky

You Are What You Love


Acid Tongue 

Silver Lining


Rise Up With Fists

Just Like Zeus

Handle With Care

The Next Messiah

(((Big Wave)))

Born Secular

Conor Oberst - 4th of July, 2009 - setlist


Souled Out 



Air Mattress

Eagle (CO)


Ten Women




Cape Canaveral

Get Well Cards

Big Black Nothing

One of My Kind

Reason #2

Lenders in the Temple

Difference is Time

Danny Callahan


Roosevelt Room

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