Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Top 100 of the Decade: #98 'Time to Pretend', MGMT

“We’ll choke on our vomit, that will be the end, we were fated to pretend.”

An insanely catchy and cheeky song about getting the major label deal and blowing it all on models and drugs and trips to Paris. If you caught their debut on Letterman with them wearing capes and rocking the dark blue light, you knew this song was going to make a splash – it was instantly obvious during that performance that this was more than just a little indie band, even though they sounded not unlike most of the stuff that came out on Saddle Creek from 2000-2009. This song overshadowed the fact that their debut record is not just a catchy pop album, but more of a psychedelic take on early 70s Pink Floyd and 80s rock, disco and 90s indie rock and…The Flaming Lips.

“I’ll miss the playgrounds and the animals and the digging up worms

I’ll miss the boredom and the freedom and the time spent alone.”

It has to be mentioned that “Kids” and its accompanying video is the “98a” entry here. There actually may well be more depth and legs to this song than “Time To Pretend”, but we’ll keep things where they are for the sake of keeping things where they are.Lastly, I have to say, I thought of this band as a bit of flash in the pan at first. The Letterman clip turned me forward, but seeing “Electric Feel” on one of those “Live at Abbey Road” Sundance Channel shows made me realize that these guys are real. That song sounds old and yet familiar at the same time, a nice little winner.

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