Sunday, December 13, 2009

43.“Just Be Simple” by Songs: Ohia, A/K/A Magnolia Electric Company (2003)

Songs: Ohia was the name of Jason Molina’s band when they released the Magnolia Electric Company LP. It’s a truly fantastic record, with a few great tunes (one of them being “Just be Simple”) but it also marked a bit of a departure in sound for Molina. As such, after this record, Molina changed the band’s name to Magnolia Electric Company, and kept intact his Neil Young-inspired countrified folk rock sound. This was pretty confusing for some period of time, but it has resolved itself as Molina has released tons of great stuff under that new moniker. If you like the aforementioned Neil Young or My Morning Jacket or anything resembling countrified folk rock via the rust belt, you will love Molina’s songs. Check out “Just Be Simple” here.

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