Sunday, December 13, 2009

48. “Penny On a Train Track” by Ben Kweller (2006)

Kweller’s got a few things going for him outside of his very underrated musical talent: he’s seriously impressed / humbled by things like selling out Irving Plaza and opening for Jeff Tweedy. It’s not an act – the dude has this hilarious knack for making you understand that he loves rocking out a few thousand people. And it shows – his live shows are just fantastic pop rock concoctions. His band is great, he can play any instrument really well and he’s happy to be there. His music seems simple, his sentimentality borderline cheesy, but ultimately it all works very well -- his songs never get old and he really knows how to craft a hook. His haircut is also included in our Pantheon of Awesome, and yes, points have been awarded to Sinore Kweller for the crazy red curls.

Most importantly, he’s got a boatload of great songs, but this one had to make the cut if only for the video with his grandma dancing all around in exercise gear. Check it out.

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