Tuesday, December 1, 2009

60. “Agenda Suicide” by The Faint (2001)

The Faint’s Blank-Wave Arcade from 1999, was a genre-buster, as it was one of the first real hardcore synth pop records to break through and bring back that 80s synth-dance-pop sound. Long before the Killers dumbed this sound down, The Faint were collectively kicking ass with great records and tremendous live dance-rock-light shows. Their second record, Dance Macabre, was a little more of the same, with a few more tweaks, and “Agenda Suicide” is the best example of this.

In effect, this song is the antithesis of Animal Collective’s ode to domesticity, “My Girls”. The Faint not only don’t want four walls and adobe slats, they don’t want any “pretty homes” and they don’t want to be “drones” who “work hard before they die”. Message received, lads.

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