Tuesday, December 1, 2009

63. “Elephant Woman” by Blonde Redhead (2004)

Not long after this album’s release, I was up late with some friends in my Queens apartment and this song came on at a volume that would be unacceptable in most party tents. The walls were shaking with its spooky groove and it was not long before my neighbor, who resembled a large frog, was outside my window, gesticulating wildly, cursing and telling me he’s coming for me. The next day he confronted me again, but this time good ol’ Dr. Midnight was by my side and up for challenge. Twas not long before Midnight and I put Froggy back in his place, somehow taking our wrong from the previous night and flipping it on him, making him feel as if he was the one who’d make the mistake by being so confrontational. I got an apology the next day. All of this done with our eyes half closed. Impressive? I think so.

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