Sunday, December 13, 2009

50. “Lasso” by Phoenix (2009)

Due to the timing of this Top 100 of The Decade project, perhaps it was inevitable that 2009 would be under-represented. But even given the fact that it’s hard to have much perspective on the stuff that you like for a month compared to the stuff that sticks and ends up being part of your music rotation for years to come, it was impossible not to include one of the jams from Phoenix’s 2009 LP Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, an album filled with what used to be called “modern rock” hits. By now, you’ve probably seen the 80s brat pack mash-up video for “Litzomania” and heard “1901” on a Cadillac commercial and heard “Fences” while getting your coffee in the morning. There’s a reason for this – Phoenix really did make a great album of singles that are held together by interludes and other strong supporting tracks. It’s really poppy and catchy and the sound is super tight and stylish, which is another word for…French. No matter though, these songs are winners and “Lasso” is the one that I have heard 100 times and never gotten sick of.

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