Thursday, December 3, 2009

59. “Us” by Regina Spektor (2004)

Haters seem to dislike the Fiona Apple-meets-Cat Power aspect of Ms. Spektor’s sound, but that’s actually what I like about Regina Spektor. What I like even more is the fact that she expanded on that template that she popularized on 2004’s Soviet Kitsch, the album that “Us” appears on, and made it into full-blown, radio-friendly pop sound of 2006’s breakthrough, Begin To Hope and, later, 2009’s Far. She’s huge now – instead of opening for The Strokes and Kings of Leon, she is headlining her own shows at Radio City. And good for her. There’s a place in this world for Joanna Newsome, but there’s also a place for Regina Spektor and I am glad she’s cashing in and people are digging her music.

Take a listen to “Us” here and see if you agree.

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