Tuesday, December 1, 2009

62.“Twilight Campfighter” by Guided By Voices (2001)

I only got to see these guys once and it just so happened to be one of their last shows before calling it quits, in 2004. ‘Twas quite an experience, with nerdy GBV fans jumping on stage all night, singing along, throwing beers and rocking the fuck out. I knew I was in for this when I got the tix to see them, but the whole thing far exceeded my expectations as they ripped through 60 songs over the course of 3-4 hours. That’s right, SIXTY songs.

So it’s safe to say that GBV fans are nuts about their GBV and I am sure each one has a different take on their best song of the decade. For all I know, one of the 300 songs that Robert Pollard’s released as a solo artist might be “better” than this one. I mulled over many songs by GBV and I kept coming back to this one, which happens to be another of example of a song that R.E.M. might have recorded had they not lost the plot 15 years ago.

Listen here.

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