Sunday, December 13, 2009

52. “Fans” by Kings of Leon (2007)

The less I knew about these guys, the better it was. I swear I have no issue with these cats being heartthrobs, getting huge mainstream exposure, playing arenas and being on the cover of bad magazines. I do have an issue with teased hair, cheesy songs about sex that is on fire (Ok, it’s a guilty pleasure, I have to admit), shitty live shows at huge London arenas and shitty performances on Austin City Limits. I’m not about to waste this space with some sort of proclamation that this is just a boy band that happens to play rock n roll. At least half of this band, including the lead singer heartthrob guy (Caleb), is very talented and has a knack for crafting a kick ass song. We’ve been through this before but, in short, they are too damn perty for their own good.

That said, “Fans” is a great song that has nothing to do with teenie screams or Motley Crue hair styles. I believe Dr. Midnight claimed that Scott Muni would have approved of this jam and I could envision hearing this one on a drive-at-five rock block on 102.7 WNEW, circa 1987, with Muni’s raspy, Lucky Strike-damaged voice saying, “Yyyyes, the KINGS…getting it done for you on this drive…at five…out of Nashville…in Tennessee. Another tasty biscuit on N-E-W, New York.”

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