Thursday, December 10, 2009

53. “In State” by Kathleen Edwards (2005)

The demise of Lucinda Williams as an artist that is releasing relevant, enjoyable records has been made much easier because of the existence of Ms. Edwards, who channels Williams’ countrified twang and knack for storytelling, as well as some of her dark themes, but seems to be able to create music that is a little more peppy and nice on the ears than what Williams has been known to release.

Instead of swampy Louisiana blues, Edwards brings a more modern countrified indie rock sound that still sounds “authentic”, but isn’t dragged down by the sad drawl in Lucinda’s aging voice. This is not meant as a knock on Lucinda – she’s given us enough to enjoy already. It’s meant to provide some context – Edwards has taken the template that Williams pioneered and blended it with rock, indie pop and country very nicely to create a bunch of albums filled with kick ass songs like “In State”. Check it out.

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