Thursday, December 10, 2009

56. “I’ve Found a Reason” by Cat Power (2000)

Did I say I was not going to include covers? I don’t remember, but this was definitely one of the top 100 recorded songs of this decade, so I decided to include it. Even so, “I’ve Found a Reason” is not so much a cover as it is a deconstruction and reinvention of an excellent Velvet Underground song. She tried to do this same thing 30 or more times this decade, releasing tons of covers, some great, some good and many bad, but this one really transcends your traditional “cover” song. Check it out for yourself.

If you disagree with this choice, there are a few other Cat Power songs that could have made the cut:


“Good Woman”

“The Greatest”

“Song For Bobby”

Actually, anything on The Greatest could have been included in here, and how could it not with that title?

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